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Multifaceted roles for IGFBP-1 in human endometrium during implantation and pregnancy.

IGFBP-1 is a major protein product of nonpregnant endometrium during the mid-late secretory phase and occurs in abundance in decidua. Its roles as an IGF-binding protein and as a trophoblast integrin ligand suggest that it may have multiple roles in endometrial development and in interactions between the decidua and the invading trophoblast. IGFBP-1 in vaginal/cervical secretions has already had clinical application as a predictor of premature rupture of fetal membranes. The future awaits elucidation of the potential utility of IGFBP-1 in serum and in decidua in predicting fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia and perhaps implantation failure.[1]


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