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Protein-protein interactions among the Aux/IAA proteins.

The plant hormone indoleacetic acid (IAA) transcriptionally activates early genes in plants. The Aux/IAA family of early genes encodes proteins that are short-lived and nuclear-localized. They also contain a putative prokaryotic betaalphaalpha DNA binding motif whose formation requires protein dimerization. Here, we show that the pea PS-IAA4 and Arabidopsis IAA1 and IAA2 proteins perform homo- and heterotypic interactions in yeast using the two-hybrid system. Gel-filtration chromatography and chemical cross-linking experiments demonstrate that the PS-IAA4 and IAA1 proteins interact to form homodimers in vitro. Deletion analysis of PS-IAA4 indicates that the betaalphaalpha containing acidic C terminus of the protein is necessary for homotypic interactions in the yeast two-hybrid system. Screening an Arabidopsis lambda-ACT cDNA library using IAA1 as a bait reveals heterotypic interactions of IAA1 with known and newly discovered members of the Arabidopsis Aux/IAA gene family. The new member IAA24 has similarity to ARF1, a transcription factor that binds to an auxin response element. Combinatorial interactions among the various members of the Aux/IAA gene family may regulate a variety of late genes as well as serve as autoregulators of early auxin-regulated gene expression. These interactions provide a molecular basis for the developmental and tissue-specific manner of auxin action.[1]


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