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New advances in iron metabolism, iron deficiency, and iron overload.

Rapid advances were made in understanding the molecular and cellular bases of iron metabolism and its disorders. Molecular mechanisms for the cellular uptake, storage, and utilization of iron were clarified in investigations of the structure and functions of transferrin, transferrin receptor, ferritin, erythroid delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase, and the RNA-binding protein termed the iron responsive-element binding protein. Evidence was obtained that a nuclear DNA-binding protein, NF-E2, may be involved in the regulation of both hemoglobin synthesis in erythroid cells and of iron absorption in the intestine. Clinically, progress was made in improving the diagnosis and management of both iron deficiency and iron overload, with studies of the usefulness of serum transferrin receptor measurements, of a new therapeutic preparation of iron using a "gastric delivery system," and of the development of new orally active iron-chelating agents.[1]


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