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Identification and characterization of growth hormone receptors in snakehead fish (Ophiocephalus argus cantor) liver.

The specific binding of 125I-labeled fish growth hormone (GH) to hepatic membranes prepared from several freshwater fish was assessed. A high level of growth hormone receptor (GHR) was detected on the hepatic membranes of the snakehead fish (Ophiocephalus argus Cantor). Scatchard analysis of the binding data showed a single class of high affinity binding site with a binding affinity (Ka) of 1.45 +/- 0.23 x 10(9) M-1 and a binding capacity (Bmax) of 198 +/- 57 fmol/mg protein. The binding was specific for fish GH and was saturable. In addition, the specific binding was temperature- and time-dependent, reaching a steady state after 16 hr of incubation at 25 degrees . The molecular weight of GHR as measured by Sephadex G-200 column chromatography and Western blot analysis using a monoclonal antibody (Mab263) against GHR was found to be 200-400 and 90-93 kDa, respectively. Two bands at 65 and 89 kDa were identified in ligand crosslinking studies of membrane receptors. A sensitive teleost GH radioreceptor assay (RRA) was developed, using recombinant fish GH and a membrane preparation from snakehead fish liver, capable of measuring bioactive GH in fish sera or other samples.[1]


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