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Requirements for the cytoplasmic domain of the alphaPS1, alphaPS2 and betaPS integrin subunits during Drosophila development.

The integrins are a family of transmembrane heterodimeric proteins that mediate adhesive interactions and participate in signaling across the plasma membrane. In this study we examine the functional significance of the cytoplasmic domains of the alphaPS1, alphaPS2 and betaPS subunits of the Drosophila Position Specific (PS) integrin family by analyzing the relationship between cytoplasmic domain structure and function in the context of a developing organism. By examining the ability of ssPS molecules lacking the cytoplasmic domain to rescue embryonic abnormalities associated with PS integrin loss, we find that although many embryonic events require the betaPS cytoplasmic domain, this portion of the molecule is not required for at least two processes requiring PS integrins: formation of midgut constrictions and maintaining germband integrity. Furthermore, our studies demonstrate that mutant proteins affecting four highly conserved amino acid residues in the cytoplasmic tail function with different efficiencies during embryonic development, suggesting that interaction of PS integrins with cytoplasmic ligands is developmentally modulated during embryogenesis. We have also examined the ability of alphaPS1 and alphaPS2 to function without their cytoplasmic domains. By analyzing the ability of transgenes producing truncated alphaPS molecules to rescue abnormalities associated with integrin loss, we find that the cytoplasmic tail of alphaPS2 is essential for both embryonic and postembryonic processes, while this portion of alphaPS1 is not required for function in the wing and in the retina. Furthermore, temperature-shift experiments suggest roles for the alphaPS2 cytoplasmic domain in signaling events occurring in the developing wing.[1]


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