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Gene Review

mew  -  multiple edematous wings

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG1771, CT5254, Dmel\CG1771, Integrin alpha-PS1, ItgalphaPS1, ...
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Biological context of mew


Anatomical context of mew

  • The functions of PS1 and PS2 are specific in the two tissues, endoderm and mesoderm, since they cannot substitute for each other [9].
  • The PS1 integrin is expressed in epidermal cells and can mediate adhesion of the epidermal HAJs to the basement membrane [10].
  • PS1 expression is at the muscle ends and also in the long epidermal processes that connect the developing muscle fibers to their sites of attachment in the epidermis, while PS2 expression is restricted to the muscle ends [11].
  • To this end we have analyzed muscle attachments and neuromuscular junctions ultrastructurally in single or double mutant Drosophila embryos lacking PS1 integrin (alphaPS1betaPS), PS2 integrin (alphaPS2betaPS), and/or their potential extracellular ligand laminin A [10].
  • We have also examined the ability of alphaPS2 and alphaPS1 to maintain photoreceptor organization in the Drosophila retina [12].

Associations of mew with chemical compounds

  • Thus, another integrin in addition to PS1 appears to function on the dorsal wing surface [13].
  • The encoded alpha PS1 protein contains the cysteine pattern of the cleaved alpha integrins, three putative metal binding domains and shows the other characteristic features of alpha integrins [14].

Physical interactions of mew

  • On mature wing discs, each class of position-specific (PS) antibody binds nonuniformly with respect to the dorso-ventral compartment boundary, with PS1 antibodies binding primarily to dorsal cells and PS2 antibodies, to ventral cells [15].

Other interactions of mew


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of mew


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