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Identification of the replication-associated protein binding domain within the intergenic region of tomato leaf curl geminivirus.

The geminiviral replication-associated protein (Rep) is the only viral protein required for viral DNA replication. Tomato leaf curl virus (TLCV) Rep was expressed in Escherichia coli as a histidine-tagged fusion protein and purified to homogeneity in non-denaturing form. The fusion protein was used in in vitro binding experiments to identify the Rep-binding elements within the origin of replication of TLCV. Electrophoretic mobility shift assays demonstrated that the Rep binds specifically to a 120 bp fragment within the TLCV intergenic region. Fine resolution of the binding regions within the 120 bp fragment, using DNase I footprinting, demonstrated two footprints covering the sequences GCAATTGGTGTCTCTCAA and TGAATCGGTGTCTGGGG containing a direct repeat of the motif GGTGTCT (underlined). Our results suggest that the repeated motif is involved in virus-specific Rep-binding, but may not constitute the entire binding element. This is the first demonstration of geminivirus sequence elements involved in Rep-binding by direct protein-DNA interaction assays.[1]


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