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Expression of the retinoblastoma-related gene Rb2/p130 correlates with clinical outcome in endometrial cancer.

PURPOSE: The retinoblastoma gene is the prototype of tumor-suppressor genes and has been shown to be involved in the pathogenesis and progression of several human malignancies. In this study, we determined the relation between the expression of a newly discovered retinoblastoma-related gene Rb2/p130 and outcome in patients with endometrial carcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS: pRb2/p130 expression was determined immunohistochemically in specimens of endometrial carcinoma (stages I to IV) from 100 patients who underwent surgery as the first treatment. The pRb2/p130 status was analyzed in relation to the length of disease-free survival and disease-specific survival. RESULTS: Decreased levels of pRb2/p130 in endometrial cancer cells was significantly associated with a decreased probability of remaining disease-free after treatment (P = .003) and with decreased probability of survival (P < .0001). In a multivariate analysis, pRb2/p130 status (P = .004), tumor stage (P = .009), and ploidy status (P = .02) were independent predictors of clinical outcome. The risk of dying of disease was increased substantially (risk ratio, 4.91; 95% confidence interval, 1.66 to 14.54) among patients with decreased levels of pRb2/p130 in tumor cells. CONCLUSION: In patients with endometrial carcinoma who did not receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy before surgery, the presence of decreased levels of pRb2/p130 in tumor cells is associated with a significantly increased risk of recurrence and death of disease, independent of tumor stage and ploidy status.[1]


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