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The C-terminal SET domains of ALL-1 and TRITHORAX interact with the INI1 and SNR1 proteins, components of the SWI/ SNF complex.

The ALL-1 gene was discovered by virtue of its involvement in human acute leukemia. Its Drosophila homolog trithorax (trx) is a member of the trx-Polycomb gene family, which maintains correct spatial expression of the Antennapedia and bithorax complexes during embryogenesis. The C-terminal SET domain of ALL-1 and TRITHORAX (TRX) is a 150-aa motif, highly conserved during evolution. We performed yeast two hybrid screening of Drosophila cDNA library and detected interaction between a TRX polypeptide spanning SET and the SNR1 protein. SNR1 is a product of snr1, which is classified as a trx group gene. We found parallel interaction in yeast between the SET domain of ALL-1 and the human homolog of SNR1, INI1 (hSNF5). These results were confirmed by in vitro binding studies and by demonstrating coimmunoprecipitation of the proteins from cultured cells and/or transgenic flies. Epitope-tagged SNR1 was detected at discrete sites on larval salivary gland polytene chromosomes, and these sites colocalized with around one-half of TRX binding sites. Because SNR1 and INI1 are constituents of the SWI/ SNF complex, which acts to remodel chromatin and consequently to activate transcription, the interactions we observed suggest a mechanism by which the SWI/ SNF complex is recruited to ALL-1/trx targets through physical interactions between the C-terminal domains of ALL-1 and TRX and INI1/SNR1.[1]


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