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In vitro exposure to peptidic delta opioid receptor antagonists results in limited immunosuppression.

Previous studies by our group have demonstrated that in vitro exposure to delta-opioid receptor agonists results in a significant immunostimulation, whereas in vitro exposure to non-peptidic delta-opioid receptor antagonists results in significant suppression of various immune functions. The present study assessed potential immunomodulation by the peptidic delta-opioid receptor antagonists TIPP, D-TIPP, and ICI 174864 using a panel of in vitro immune function assays. Splenocytes from female B6C3F1 mice were cultured with the peptides at concentrations of 0.00001-10 microM. B cell proliferation was quantified following cellular activation, T cell function was assessed by cytokine production following stimulation with anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody, natural immunity was assessed by quantitating natural killer (NK) cell activity following a 24-h exposure, and macrophage function was assessed by quantification of interleukin-6 (IL-6) production. None of the peptides examined significantly affected B cell proliferation. Production of IL-2 by T cells was not consistently affected by exposure to either TIPP or D-TIPP, but was significantly suppressed at 10 microM ICI 174864. Production of IL-4, however, was significantly suppressed by low concentrations of either TIPP or D-TIPP, and by 10 microM ICI 174864. IL-6 production by macrophages was unaffected except for sporadic incidents of enhanced production in cells exposed to ICI 174864. NK cell function exhibited a differential pattern of suppression, with the greatest degree of suppression observed following exposure to TIPP and only slight suppression in cells exposed to either D-TIPP or ICI 174864. These data suggest that peptidic delta-opioid receptor antagonists do not exhibit the same pattern or degree of immunosuppressive activity as the non-peptidic antagonists at equivalent in vitro concentrations.[1]


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