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Superoxide dependence of the toxicity of short chain sugars.

Erythrose inhibited the growth of a sodA sodB strain of Escherichia coli under aerobiosis; but did not inhibit anaerobic growth of the sodA sodB strain, or the aerobic growth of the superoxide dismutase (SOD)-competent parental strain. A SOD mimic protected the sodA sodB strain against the toxicity of erythrose as did the carbonyl-blocking reagents hydrazine and aminoguanidine. Three carbon sugars, such as glyceraldehyde and dihydroxy acetone, and the two carbon sugar glycolaldehyde, were similarly toxic in an O-2-dependent manner. An unidentified dialyzable component in E. coli extract augmented the oxidation of short chain sugars, and this was partially inhibitable by SOD. The toxicity of the short chain sugars appears to be because of an O-2-dependent oxidation to alpha, beta-dicarbonyl compounds. In keeping with this view was the O-2-independent toxicity of methylglyoxal.[1]


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