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Neuronal activity induction of the stathmin-like gene RB3 in the rat hippocampus: possible role in neuronal plasticity.

Synaptic activity induces a rapid transcriptional response that is essential for the establishment of long-term neuronal plasticity. Using a differential cloning technique, we have identified a gene induced by seizure activity in the brain as RB3. RB3 is a recently cloned gene belonging to the stathmin family of phosphoproteins. Like SCG10, RB3 is brain-specific, although in situ hybridization results show that the expression of RB3 is more ubiquitous than is that of SCG10. Using genomic DNA sequencing, we show that the 27 amino acid sequence unique to the RB3" transcript is encoded by an alternatively spliced exon, exon 2'. Using a peptide antibody raised against exon 2' to detect RB3" and an anti-Flag antibody to detect an epitope-tagged version of RB3, we show that both proteins are localized to the Golgi apparatus of transfected COS7 cells. Of particular interest, RB3 mRNA, but not SCG10 mRNA, is rapidly induced in the dentate gyrus granule layer of the hippocampus after electrically induced seizure activity as well as stimuli leading to long-term potentiation (LTP). In addition, RB3 mRNA is induced in pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells treated with 250 ng/ml NGF. These results suggest that RB3 may play a role in activity-induced neuronal plasticity and neuronal differentiation.[1]


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