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The trithorax group gene osa encodes an ARID-domain protein that genetically interacts with the brahma chromatin-remodeling factor to regulate transcription.

The trithorax group gene brahma (brm) encodes the ATPase subunit of a chromatin-remodeling complex involved in homeotic gene regulation. We report here that brm interacts with another trithorax group gene, osa, to regulate the expression of the Antennapedia P2 promoter. Regulation of Antennapedia by BRM and OSA proteins requires sequences 5' to the P2 promoter. Loss of maternal osa function causes severe segmentation defects, indicating that the function of osa is not limited to homeotic gene regulation. The OSA protein contains an ARID domain, a DNA-binding domain also present in the yeast SWI1 and Drosophila DRI proteins. We propose that the OSA protein may target the BRM complex to Antennapedia and other regulated genes.[1]


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