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Chemical Compound Review

AC1Q1VLZ     sodium; oxygen(-2) anion; tungsten;...

Synonyms: AR-1L5349, AR-1L5350, LS-109052, AC1L4QP3, I14-114761, ...
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  • Samples were clarified by centrifugation, pelleted in the EM-90 rotor directly to Formvar-coated copper grids, and strained with 1.5% sodium phosphotungstate [9].
  • Electron microscopy, with sodium phosphotungstate as negative stain, has been carried out on purified jackbean urease prepared at three levels of quaternary structure: (a) A1 urease, Mr = 240 000, S20,W = 11.5 S (b) alpha urease, Mr = 480 000, S20,w = 18.3 S (c) polymers of alpha urease above the tetramer stage [10].


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