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Chemical Compound Review

Piridoxilate     2-[4,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)-2- methyl-pyridin...

Synonyms: Piridoxilato, Piridoxylate, Piridossilato, Piridoxilatum, AC1MHWSI, ...
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Disease relevance of Piridoxylate

  • So, it seems necessary to monitor the serum creatinine level, especially in the elderly, during piridoxilate therapy and to avoid high vitamin C intakes in patients under such treatment to prevent development of renal insufficiency [1].
  • These findings suggest a protective action of piridoxilate against hypoxia which may be attributable to rearrangement of the myocardial metabolism [2].

Psychiatry related information on Piridoxylate

  • This conclusion was also confirmed by psychometric tests demonstrating a greater improvement in attention, concentration, attention variability, tapping, visual and numerical memory, and aftereffect (Archimedean spiral) in the piridoxilate than in the placebo group [3].

High impact information on Piridoxylate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Piridoxylate

  • Spectral analysis of the EEG showed an increase in alpha and a decrease in fast beta activities in both groups, while delta activity was attenuated only in the piridoxilate-treated group [3].


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