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Chemical Compound Review

Schizokinen     3-[3-(ethanoyl-hydroxy...

Synonyms: AC1MIYTJ, CHEMBL322079, 35418-52-1
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Disease relevance of Schizokinen

  • The cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain ATCC 27898 was found to utilize the siderophore schizokinen to accumulate iron from the environment [1].
  • FoxB of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Functions in the Utilization of the Xenosiderophores Ferrichrome, Ferrioxamine B, and Schizokinen: Evidence for Transport Redundancy at the Inner Membrane [2].
  • In contrast to schizokinen, the hydroxamate which they produce in response to iron starvation cannot be extracted with water from the organic layer and does not support the growth of the siderophore auxotroph Arthrobacter flavescens JG-9 [3].
  • Comparison of the siderophores present in culture supernatants of R. solanacearum, R. metallidurans, and Bacillus megaterium using chemical tests, a siderophore utilization bioassay, thin-layer chromatography, and mass spectroscopy indicated that R. solanacearum produces staphyloferrin B rather than schizokinen as was reported previously [4].
  • Expression of the inner membrane protein FoxB (PA2465) of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in mutants of Sinorhizobium meliloti that are defective in the utilization of ferrichrome, ferrioxamine B, and schizokinen resulted in the restoration of siderophore utilization [2].

High impact information on Schizokinen

  • For cells grown in low iron, the accumulation of extracellular schizokinen was observed to parallel cell growth and continue well into stationary phase [5].
  • Anabaena sp. strain 6411, which produces the dihydroxamate siderophore schizokinen to facilitate iron uptake, is also capable of using the related siderophore aerobactin [3].
  • Uptake activity was specific for ferric schizokinen displayed kinetics typical of a protein-mediated process with an apparent Km of 0.04 microM and saturation at high concentrations of substrate [1].
  • Active transport of ferric schizokinen in Anabaena sp [1].


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