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Chemical Compound Review

depudecin     (1R)-1-[(2S,3S)-3-[(E)-2- [(3S)-3-(1...

Synonyms: AC1O5Q7V, CBChromo1_000044
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Disease relevance of depudecin


High impact information on depudecin


Anatomical context of depudecin

  • These results suggest that depudecin could be promising as an anti-angiogenic agent and that its anti-angiogenic action involves an inhibitory effect on vascular endothelial cell growth [5].

Associations of depudecin with other chemical compounds

  • Acid/urea/Triton gel electrophoresis analysis show anti-parasitic activity of depudecin appears to be due to the inhibition of protozoal histone deacetylase, which induces hyperacetylation of histones in N. caninum [6].

Gene context of depudecin


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