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Chemical Compound Review

Cprg-hcl     3-[(E)-[(5Z)-3-methoxy-5- pyrrol-2-ylidene...

Synonyms: AC1O5SFD, 86797-91-3, Cycloprodigiosin, Cycloprodigiosin hydrochloride
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Disease relevance of Cprg-hcl


High impact information on Cprg-hcl


Biological context of Cprg-hcl


Anatomical context of Cprg-hcl


Gene context of Cprg-hcl

  • Cycloprodigiosin had no effect on degradation of the inhibitory subunit of NF-kappaB (IkappaBalpha), but lessened the recovery of IkappaBalpha levels [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cprg-hcl


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