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Gene Review

ptsG  -  PTS system glucose-specific transporter...

Escherichia coli CFT073

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Disease relevance of ptsG


High impact information on ptsG

  • However, when transformed with pTSGH11 (encoding ptsG) or pAP2, this organism provided membranes that contained either the PtsG or AglA transporters, respectively [2].
  • However, unlike other CAP-activated genes, the expression of ptsG is higher in glucose media than in glycerol, implying that ptsG is controlled by a glucose-inducible regulator [1].
  • A mutation in the mlc gene greatly enhances ptsG expression in a glycerol-grown culture but has no effect on ptsG expression during growth on glucose [1].
  • The yeeI mutants exhibited increased generation times during growth on glucose, reduced transport of methyl-alpha-d-glucopyranoside, a substrate of EIICB(Glc), reduced induction of a ptsG-lacZ operon fusion, and reduced catabolite repression in lactose/glucose diauxic growth experiments [3].

Associations of ptsG with chemical compounds

  • The result is that ptsG expression is very similar in glucose-grown cultures of wild-type and mlc strains [1].


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