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Gene Review

pcaF  -  beta-ketoadipyl CoA thiolase

Pseudomonas putida KT2440

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Disease relevance of pcaF


High impact information on pcaF

  • To better understand how P. putida coordinates the processes of 4-hydroxybenzoate transport and metabolism to achieve complete degradation, the regulation of pcaK, the 4-hydroxybenzoate transport gene, and that of pcaF, a gene required for both benzoate and 4-hydroxybenzoate degradation, were compared [2].
  • DNA sequencing, mutational analysis, and complementation studies revealed that pcaR encodes a regulatory protein required for induction of at least four of the enzymes of the beta-ketoadipate pathway and that pcaF encodes beta-ketoadipyl-coenzyme A thiolase, the last enzyme in the pathway [3].

Biological context of pcaF

  • The purified PcaR protein was shown to form a homodimer in solution and to bind specifically to its own promoter, as well as to the promoter regions of pcaI, J and pcaF [1].
  • Primer extension analysis and lacZ fusions showed that pcaK and pcaF, which are adjacent on the chromosome, are transcribed independently [2].

Associations of pcaF with chemical compounds

  • In addition to these expected regulatory elements, expression of pcaK, but not pcaF, is repressed by benzoate [2].


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