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Gene Review

UBAC1  -  UBA domain containing 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase subunit KPC2, GBDR1, Glialblastoma cell differentiation-related protein 1, KPC2, Kip1 ubiquitination-promoting complex protein 2, ...
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Disease relevance of UBAC1


High impact information on UBAC1

  • Since analysis of the amino acid sequence revealed several putative phosphorylation sites for different protein kinases, the GBDR1 protein was expressed and purified from bacterial extracts and, as predicted, casein kinase II phosphorylated GBDR1 in vitro [2].
  • The cDNA of interest encodes a protein consisting of 404 amino acids with a carboxy-terminal end sequence identical to glialblastoma cell differentiation factor-related protein (GBDR1) [2].
  • In Southern blot analysis, GBDR1 cDNA identified a single gene on chromosome 9 [2].
  • These findings demonstrate that GBDR1 is an intracellular signaling molecule that may play a role in the regulation of endothelial cell growth [2].
  • Here we use a transrepression assay to demonstrate that AIRE interacts with multiple components of the transcription complex including a novel interaction with the UBA domain protein, GBDR1 [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of UBAC1

  • Northern blot analysis showed that GBDR1 mRNA was ubiquitously expressed in human tissues [2].
  • Immunofluorescence and biochemical data revealed that the GBDR1 protein is not entirely localized in the cytosolic fraction, suggesting that it may interact with another protein(s) [2].


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