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Gene Review

Es9  -  esterase 9

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Es-9
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High impact information on Es9

  • Esterase 6A was immunologically related to esterase 1 and esterase 9, with which it is genetically closely linked [1].
  • The comparison of results obtained by different separation and staining techniques permits the definition of esterase-6 in comparison with esterase-9 and a new esterase, esterase-20 [2].
  • The Es-9 esterase is expressed in the cortical zone of the NMRI mouse kidney only in the presence of testosterone [3].
  • It is suggested that the testosterone dependent appearance of Es-9 activity is due to true enzyme induction which requires the presence of an intact testosterone receptor [3].
  • With the non selectively staining Q-O-2 several esterases were demonstrated Es-2, adn Es-9 among them [4].

Biological context of Es9


Anatomical context of Es9

  • Comparing the disc electrophoretic patterns of the kidney esterases with the distribution of esterases in ultrathin sections as revealed by electron microscopy it is concluded that the Es-9 esterase is located in the mitochondria [6].

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