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Esterase. XXIII. Electron microscopical demonstration of non-specific esterases in the jejunum of the mouse (Mus musc.) with two quinoline derivatives.

The intracellular distribution of non specific esterases in various villous cells of mouse jejunum was investigated using two substrates, 8-acetoxiquinoline (Q-O-2) and 8-acetyl mercaptoquinoline (Q-S-2) respectively. With the more selectively staining Q-S-2 a uniform reaction was demonstrated in all enterocytes which was mainly located in the endoplasmic reticulum and the nuclear envelope. Possibly it is a matter of a single enzyme being hardly detachable from the membranes. With the non selectively staining Q-O-2 several esterases were demonstrated Es-2, adn Es-9 among them. The main reaction was found in columnar and Goblet cells, in both at all cellular membranes and in the mitochondrial matrix, additionally in cisterns and vesicles of the endoplasmic reticulum and of the Golgi apparatus and at lipid droplets of the former, finally at mucous droplets of the latter. An extracellular reaction was found in the intercellular cleft and between the microvilli of the brush border.[1]


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