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Gene Review

SCO6685  -  two-component system response regulator

Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)

Synonyms: SC6G3.01c, ramR
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High impact information on SCO6685

  • Here, we present evidence that SapB is a lantibiotic-like peptide that is derived by posttranslational modification from the product of a gene (ramS) in the four-gene ram operon, which is under the control of the regulatory gene ramR [1].
  • Using DNA microarrays to globally identify S. coelicolor genes whose transcription was affected by ramR mutation or overexpression, we discovered a ramR-activated locus of contiguous cotranscribed developmental genes that modulate both aerial hyphae formation and sporulation [2].
  • Transcription of ramR was developmentally controlled, and RamR function in vivo depended on its putative phosphorylation site (D53) [3].
  • Production of RamC requires the developmental regulators bldD, cprA and ramR, but not bldM or bldN, and we show that the RamR protein interacts directly with DNA in the ramC promoter region suggesting that it is, at least in part, responsible for regulating ramC expression [4].
  • From deletion and sequence analysis, this rapid aerial mycelium (Ram) phenotype appears to be due to a cluster of three genes that we have designated ramA, ramB, and ramR [5].


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