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Gene Review

virF  -  hypothetical protein

Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Disease relevance of virF


High impact information on virF


Chemical compound and disease context of virF


Biological context of virF

  • This difference is due to the absence of a functional virF locus, which is necessary for efficient tumorigenesis on N. glauca, from the nopaline Ti plasmids [1].
  • Genetic studies and DNA sequence analysis of the virF locus revealed that virF embraces one open reading frame coding for a hydrophilic protein with a molecular mass of 22,437 Da [1].
  • However, mutations in the virF locus rendered the octopine strain agroinfectious on maize, whereas such virF-defective octopine strains, when complemented by virF on a plasmid, completely lost their agroinfectivity [4].

Other interactions of virF

  • Here, we report that double mutation of virF and virE3 leads to strongly diminished tumor formation on tobacco, tomato and sunflower [5].


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