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Gene Review

U94  -  U94, Rep

Human herpesvirus 6A

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Disease relevance of U94

  • These results confirm the action of U94/rep latency gene in the regulation of HHV-6 replication with implications for co-reactivations and latency of human betaherpesviruses [1].
  • Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) is the only human herpesvirus encoding U94/rep, homologue to the parvovirus non-structural gene rep68/78 [1].
  • U94/REP inhibited the replication of other betaherpesviruses, HHV-7 and human cytomegalovirus, but had no effect on herpes simplex virus [1].

High impact information on U94


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of U94

  • Quantitative RT-PCR and PCR with primers specific for MSRV/HERV-W env and pol and HHV-6 U94/rep and DNA-pol were used to determine virus copy numbers [2].


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