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Gene Review

FAM84A  -  family with sequence similarity 84, member A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ35392, NSE1, Neurologic sensory protein 1, PP11517, Protein FAM84A
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Disease relevance of FAM84A

  • A gene encoding a family with sequence similarity 84, member A (FAM84A) enhanced migration of human colon cancer cells [1].

High impact information on FAM84A

  • Our results indicate a possibility that up-regulation of FAM84A plays a critical role in progression of colon cancer [1].
  • In addition, we found that exogenous FAM84A expression increased cell motility in NIH3T3 cells, and that phosphorylation of serine 38 of FAM84A was associated with morphology of cells [1].
  • One of these was a gene termed FAM84A that was not expressed in any of the 23 normal tissues examined except the testis [1].
  • On the contrary, NSE1 and GAS mRNAs were not detected either in patient or in control blood samples; however, they were abundantly expressed in normal and cancerous colon mucosa, encouraging further search for useful markers able to detect epithelial cells in peripheral blood [2].


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