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Gene Review

Igkc  -  immunoglobulin kappa constant

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Ig kappa chain C region, Igk-C
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High impact information on Igk-C

  • We propose that this tissue-specific enhancer contributes to the activation of somatically rearranged immunoglobulin variable region genes and possibly to abnormal expression of other genes (e.g. c-myc) that become translocated to its domain of influence [1].
  • Based on the distribution of mutations that have been found in expressed immunoglobulin variable-region genes, a model that links the introduction of somatic mutations to DNA replication during the V-J joining event is proposed [2].
  • The map location of this cluster between IgK and Tcrb coincides with the morphological mutation hypodactyly (Hd) [3].
  • Immunoglobulin variable region promoters are predominantly B-cell specific, but the molecular basis for this specificity has not been elucidated [4].
  • A plasmid encoding an IgK leader peptide-driven secretable fusion protein of the active GLP-1 and IgG(1)-Fc was constructed for mammalian expression [5].

Biological context of Igk-C


Anatomical context of Igk-C


Other interactions of Igk-C

  • This is consistent with the constitutive activation of N-myc by a juxtaposition of the IgK and N-myc loci [10].
  • First flow cytometric analysis revealed that surface expression of CD45R, IgM, and IgK by splenocytes from MCMV-infected mice was significantly reduced with a concomitant increase in the frequency of surface IgG-expressing cells [11].
  • Effect of immunoglobulin variable region structure on C3b and C4b deposition [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Igk-C


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