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Gene Review

Klra4  -  killer cell lectin-like receptor,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Chok, Killer cell lectin-like receptor 4, Klra32, Klra33, Ly-49d, ...
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High impact information on Klra4

  • Genetic mapping studies revealed linkage between the locus influencing CHO killing, termed Chok, and loci encoded within the NK gene complex (NKC), suggesting that Chok encodes an NK cell receptor specific for CHO cells [1].
  • In vivo assays recapitulated the in vitro data, and both studies determined that Chok regulates an NK perforin-dependent cytotoxic process [1].
  • Close genetic linkage of Chok with the NKC-linked loci Cd94, Ly49, and Cmv1 on mouse chromosome 6 [2].
  • In this manner, we identified five new potential Ly49 genes which have been tentatively termed Ly49j-n. Ly49j, k, and n belong to the Ly49c-related subfamily, whereas Ly49l and Ly49m are most similar to Ly49d and g, respectively [3].

Anatomical context of Klra4

  • Our genetic analysis suggests Chok is a single locus that affects NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity similar to other NKC loci that also regulate the complex activity of NK cells [1].


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