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Gene Review

let-502  -  Protein LET-502

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of let-502


High impact information on let-502

  • Mutations in let-502 ROCK, a homologue of a RhoA effector in mammals, also cause defects in P cell migration, suggesting that it may be one of several effectors acting downstream of rho-1 during P cell migration [2].
  • However, a nmy-1 null allele displays elongation defects less severe than mutations in let-502 or in the single nonmuscle myosin light chain gene mlc-4 [3].
  • Previously, we described the role of C. elegans genes encoding Rho-binding kinase (let-502) and myosin phosphatase targeting subunit (mel-11) in epidermal cell-shape changes that drive morphogenesis and in spermathecal contraction [4].

Other interactions of let-502

  • The morphogenetic function of let-502 and mel-11 is apparently redundant with another pathway since elimination of these two genes resulted in progeny that underwent near-normal elongation [5].


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