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Gene Review

Ncam2  -  neural cell adhesion molecule 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: N-CAM-2, NCAM-2, Ncam-2, Neural cell adhesion molecule 2, Neural cell adhesion molecule RB-8, ...
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High impact information on Ncam2

  • Differential function of RNCAM isoforms in precise target selection of olfactory sensory neurons [1].
  • Analyses of transgenic mice that ectopically express RNCAM in NADPH diaphorase-positive OSNs show that the postulated function of RNCAM in mediating zone-specific segregation of axons is unlikely [1].
  • Both Gpi-anchored and transmembrane-bound RNCAM isoforms are localized on axons in the nerve layer, while the transmembrane-bound RNCAM is the predominant isoform on axon terminals within glomeruli [1].
  • The phenotype specific for Gpi-anchored RNCAM is suppressed in mice overexpressing both isoforms, which suggests that two distinct RNCAM isoform-dependent activities influence segregation of OR-defined axon subclasses [1].
  • We describe here the cloning of mouse complementary DNAs encoding a novel protein, Rb-8 neural cell adhesion molecule (RNCAM), with a predicted extracellular region of five immunoglobulin C2-type domains followed by two fibronectin type III domains [2].

Biological context of Ncam2


Associations of Ncam2 with chemical compounds

  • We have identified NADPH diaphorase activity as being an independent marker for RNCAM-negative axons [1].
  • Here we identified OCAM (R4B12 antigen), an axonal surface glycoprotein expressed by subsets of both olfactory and vomeronasal axons in a zone-specific manner [3].

Regulatory relationships of Ncam2

  • Intriguingly, RNCAM likewise is expressed in subsets of olfactory and vomeronasal neurons with topographically defined axonal projections [2].

Other interactions of Ncam2

  • The spatial expression RNCAM corresponds precisely to that of certain odorant receptor expression zones of the olfactory epithelium [2].
  • VN subpopulations do not show complementary patterns of RNCAM and NQO1 immunoreactivity, instead both genes are co-expressed in apical VN neurons that project to the rostral AOB [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ncam2


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