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Gene Review

pck2  -  protein kinase C (PKC)-like Pck2

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on pck2

  • Two novel protein kinase C (PKC)-like genes, pck1+ and pck2+ were isolated from fission yeast by PCR [1].
  • Cells of a single pck2 deletion display severe defects in cell shape; they are irregular and sometimes pear-like instead of cylindrical [1].
  • Gene disruption of pck1+ and pck2+ establishes that they share an overlapping essential function for cell viability [1].
  • In this paper, we have investigated Rho2p signaling and show that pck2 delta and rho2 delta strains display similar defects with regard to cell wall integrity, indicating that they might be in the same signaling pathway [2].
  • A ksg1-overexpressing strain was hypersensitive towards beta-glucanase treatment similar to a pck2-deletion strain [3].

Biological context of pck2

  • Genetic complementation assays showed that an overexpression of pck2, the homologue of pck1 involved in the regulation of cell wall synthesis, could partially rescue ksg1-358 phenotypes [3].

Anatomical context of pck2

  • Although overexpression of rho2(+) in wild-type or pck1 delta cells is lethal and causes morphological alterations, actin depolarization, and an increase in alpha-D-glucan biosynthesis, all of these effects are suppressed in a pck2 delta strain [2].

Regulatory relationships of pck2


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