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Gene Review

cdc16  -  two-component GAP Cdc16

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on cdc16

  • A more rapidly migrating byr4 protein was found in cells with mutations in cdc16, which undergo repeated septation, and in cdc15, which fail to form a medial F-actin ring in mitosis [1].
  • This phenotype, which is similar to that resulting from inactivation of cdc16 protein, requires the kinase activity of p120cdc7 [2].
  • Deletion of the gene shows that it is essential for cell proliferation: spores lacking a functional cdc16 gene germinate, complete mitosis and form multiple septa without undergoing cell cleavage.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[3]
  • A mutation in the S. pombe cdc16 gene leads to the formation of multiple septa without cytokinesis, suggesting that the normal mechanisms that limit the cell to the formation of a single septum in each cycle do not operate [3].
  • The asymmetric inactivation of spg1p is mediated by recruitment of the cdc16p-byr4p GAP to one of the poles of the spindle before the other, and the asymmetry of the spindle pole bodies may be established early during mitosis [4].

Biological context of cdc16


Other interactions of cdc16

  • In this work, we demonstrate that attenuation of the protein kinase cdc7p can rescue the lethality of a null allele of cdc16 [5].
  • Our data suggest that the products of the cdc7, cdc11, cdc14 and cdc16 genes interact [6].
  • Examination of the effect of inactivating cdc16p at various stages of the cell cycle suggests that cdc16p, together with cdc2p plays a role in restraining septum formation during interphase [4].


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