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Gene Review

bvgA  -  virulence factors transcription regulator...

Bordetella pertussis Tohama I

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Disease relevance of bvgA


High impact information on bvgA


Biological context of bvgA

  • The vector was used in a scheme called allelic retrieval that exploits two cross-overs between cloned plasmid and native chromosomal sequences flanking the bvgA gene [7].
  • The regulatory regions found upstream of fhaB and bvgA which are involved in protein binding both contain the sequence TTTCCTA [8].
  • In this study a series of lacZYA fusions containing deletions in either the fhaB or bvgA promoter regions was used to identify cis-acting regulatory regions required for bvg activation of these two genes [8].
  • We conclude from these data that bvgA, bvgB, and bvgC comprise an operon encoding the components essential for coordinate regulation and sensory transduction [3].
  • Our data show that overexpression of the bvgA gene from a strong heterologous promoter results in transcriptional activation of the fhaB::lacZYA fusion even in the absence of the bvgB and bvgC products [3].

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