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Gene Review

Pmm1  -  phosphomannomutase 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: C77612, PMM 1, Phosphomannomutase 1, Secp53 (yeast) homolog
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High impact information on Pmm1


Biological context of Pmm1

  • The Pmm1 gene is composed of eight exons and spans approximately 9.5 kb [4].

Associations of Pmm1 with chemical compounds

  • Mannose supplements had little effect on the specific activity of phosphomannomutase (Man-6-P<-->Man-1-P) in different organs, but specific activity of PMI in brain, intestine, muscle, heart and lung gradually increased <2-fold with increasing mannose intake [5].

Other interactions of Pmm1

  • We compared the expression profile of the murine Pmm1 and Pmm2 mRNA and protein in prenatal and postnatal mouse brain at the histological level [3].


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