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Gene Review

wnt5b  -  wingless-type MMTV integration site family...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: CHUNP6928, Protein Wnt-5b, SO:0000704, id:ibd5111, ppt, ...
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High impact information on wnt5b

  • We describe genetic interaction between two Wnt/Ca2+ members, Wnt-5 (pipetail) and Wnt-11 (silberblick), and a reduction of Ca2+ release in Wnt-5/pipetail [1].
  • Here, we investigated whether genes that regulate cell movements during gastrulation [no tail (ntl)/brachyury, knypek (kny) and pipetail (ppt)/wnt5] interact to regulate posterior body morphogenesis [2].
  • Abrogation of Pk1 function by morpholino oligonucleotides leads to defective convergent extension movements, enhances the silberblick (slb)/wnt11 and pipetail (Ppt)/wnt5 phenotypes and suppresses the ability of Wnt11 to rescue the slb phenotype [3].
  • In pipetail mutants, the tailbud fails to move ventrally on the yolk sac after germ ring closure, and the tip of the tail fails to detach from the yolk tube [4].
  • Here, we show that morpholino (MO)-mediated double knock-down of the Fyn and Yes tyrosine kinases in zebrafish embryos impaired normal CE cell movements, resembling the silberblick and pipetail mutants, caused by mutations in wnt11 and wnt5, respectively [5].

Biological context of wnt5b

  • The pipetail mutant phenotype is characterized by defects in tail formation and impaired maturation of the cells that contribute to cartilaginous elements of the head skeleton [6].

Other interactions of wnt5b

  • To determine if other Wnt genes functionally interact with slb/wnt11, we analysed the role of ppt/wnt5 during zebrafish gastrulation. ppt/wnt5 is maternally provided and zygotically expressed at all stages during gastrulation [7].
  • Morpholino phenocopies of the swirl, snailhouse, somitabun, minifin, silberblick, and pipetail mutations [8].


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