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Gene Review

HBG1  -  hemoglobin, gamma A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HBG-T2, HBGA, HBGR, HSGGL1, PRO2979
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Disease relevance of HBG1

  • We show that both delta383 and delta99 specifically enhance expression of cat for plasmids containing a human adult globin (HBB) promoter, whereas expression of similar constructs using human fetal (A gamma-) globin (HBG1) or simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters is not enhanced [1].

High impact information on HBG1


Associations of HBG1 with chemical compounds

  • Segments of each graft that leached off an equivalent of 1 U of heparin/ml (i.e., 1 mm2 of HBGA, 5 mm2 of HBGB-8, and 20 mm2 of HBGB-6) were incubated with 0.15 ml of plasma with HAAbs (six samples per graft) for 30 minutes at 25 degrees C. The grafts were removed, and 0.1 ml of normal-donor, platelet-rich plasma was added [3].
  • METHODS: We studied an 8 mm HBG from company A (HBGA) and 8 mm and 6 mm HBGs from company B (HBGB-8 and HBGB-6), none of which is available for clinical use in the United States. Five 1 cm long segments of HBGA, HBGB-8, and HBGB-6 were incubated for 24 hours in 5 ml of plasma, 10 ml of saline, or 10 ml of Ringer's lactate [3].


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