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Gene Review

dlx5a  -  distal-less homeobox 5a

Danio rerio

Synonyms: DLX-4, Distal-less homeobox protein 5a, Homeobox protein Dlx5a, SO:0000704, dlx4, ...
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High impact information on dlx5a

  • We isolated three zebrafish genes, dlx2, dlx3, and dlx4, by screening embryonic cDNA libraries [1].
  • Comparisons of the predicted sequences of the Dlx2, Dlx3, and Dlx4 proteins with distal-less proteins from other species suggest that vertebrate distal-less genes can be divided into four orthologous groups [1].
  • In this paper we analyse the expression pattern of a zebrafish dlx4/6 enhancer/reporter construct in embryonic transgenic mice [2].
  • Using expressions of three genes, dlx5a, sp9 and fgf24, as markers of different phases of fold development, our findings suggest that the early process of median fin fold development can be divided into two steps, specification of the median fin fold territory and construction of the fold structure [3].
  • In addition, cotransfection experiments indicated the ability of Dlx3 to activate transcription through a 1.7-kb fragment of the 5' flanking region of dlx4 [4].

Other interactions of dlx5a

  • Transcripts of dlx3 and dlx4 are present in overlapping subsets of cells in the auditory vesicle and in cells of the median fin fold, whereas dlx2 is never expressed in the auditory vesicle and only at low levels in localized regions of the median fin fold [1].


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