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Gene Review

pSCFS1_03  -  ABC transporter

Staphylococcus sciuri

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Disease relevance of pSCFS1_03


High impact information on pSCFS1_03

  • From a mass-excised Staphylococcus aureus lambdaZapII expression library, we cloned an operon encoding a novel ABC transporter with significant homology to bacterial siderophore transporter systems [1].
  • For further analysis of the ABC transporter, a approximately 3 kb EcoRV-HpaI fragment was cloned into the staphylococcal plasmid pT181MCS and the respective S. aureus RN4220 transformants were subjected to MIC determination [4].
  • Transposon mutagenesis of Staphylococcus carnosus led to the identification of three genes, modABC, which encode an ABC transporter that is involved in molybdate transport [5].
  • A gene (ertX) encoding a putative ABC transporter was cloned from the erythromycin producer Saccharopolyspora erythraea, using PCR [3].


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