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Gene Review

sd  -  scalloped

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG8544, DROEXO, DROEXO2, Dmel\CG8544, EP(X)1088, ...
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Disease relevance of sd


High impact information on sd

  • Scalloped (Sd) and Vestigial (Vg) are each needed for Drosophila wing development [2].
  • In vitro, Vg binds directly to both Sd and its human homolog, Transcription Enhancer Factor-1 [2].
  • The interaction domains map to a small region of Vg that is essential for Vg-mediated gene activation and to the carboxy-terminal half of Sd [2].
  • An sd enhancer trap strain expresses the reporter gene in a subset of neuroblasts in the central nervous system and in the peripheral sense organs of the embryo [3].
  • These observations indicate that the sd gene encodes a transcription factor that functions in the regulation of cell-specific gene expression during Drosophila development, particularly in the differentiation of the nervous system [3].

Biological context of sd

  • Further, targeted expression of wg at the D/V boundary in the wing disc was able to partially rescue the sd mutant phenotype [4].
  • The reporter gene is later expressed in specific regions of the imaginal discs, including regions of the wing disc destined to become structures defective in viable sd mutants [3].
  • Here we show that Vg contains two distinct transcriptional activation domains, suggesting that the function of Vg is to mediate transcriptional activation by Sd [5].

Anatomical context of sd

  • Another functional role for sd is the establishment of sensory organ precursors (SOP) of the peripheral nervous system at the wing margin [4].

Other interactions of sd

  • We show that vg and scalloped (sd), the only known VG transcriptional coactivator, are coexpressed during IFM development [6].
  • This infers that sd could function in either the maintenance or induction of wg at the D/V border [4].


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