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Gene Review

crm1  -  importin family nuclear export receptor Crm1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on crm1

  • The fission yeast crm1 mutant was defective in the nuclear export of NES-fused proteins, but not in the import of nuclear localization signal (NLS)-fused proteins [1].
  • In fission yeasts, the nuclear accumulation of mRNA also occurred in cells treated with LMB or in a temperature-sensitive crm1 mutant at a restrictive temperature [2].
  • The increase of hba2 expression was independent of the pap1 transcription factor which is repressed by wild type crm1 [3].
  • Examination of hba2 expression determined that this gene is overexpressed in mutant strains resistant to brefeldin A due to mutations in the negative regulator crm1 (bar1) gene or the bar2 gene [3].
  • We have isolated novel caffeine-resistant mutants of S. pombe which define three distinct genes caf2, caf3 and caf4 [4].


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