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Gene Review

emb  -  embargoed

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG13387, CRM1, Chromosome region maintenance 1 protein, Crm1, DCRM1, ...
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High impact information on emb


Biological context of emb

  • Nuclear import of an nuclear localization signal-enhanced green fluorescent protein (NLS-EGFP) reporter is not affected in DNup88 (members only; mbo) mutants, whereas the level of CRM1-dependent EGFP-nuclear export signal (EGFP-NES) export is increased [3].
  • Through mutagenesis screens we have recovered a series of recessive lethal emb mutations [4].

Anatomical context of emb


Associations of emb with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of emb


Other interactions of emb


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