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Gene Review

Drep-4  -  DNA fragmentation factor-related protein 4

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CAD, CG9414, DREP-4, Dmel\CG9414, Drep4, ...
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High impact information on Rep4

  • Biochemical fractionation and immunoprecipitation of dICAD from S2 cell extracts indicated that dICAD is complexed with dCAD in proliferating cells [1].
  • Using primers based on the amino acid sequence of the purified proteins, a cDNA coding for Drosophila CAD (dCAD) was cloned [2].
  • When a Drosophila neuronal cell line was induced to apoptosis by treatment with a kinase inhibitor, both dCAD and dICAD were cleaved [2].
  • In contrast, dCAD lacked the corresponding sequence, and the purified dCAD did not cause DNA fragmentation in nuclei in a cell-free system [2].
  • Enzymatic activities of aspartate transcarbamylase, carbamyl phosphate synthetase and dihydro-orotase, borne by the same multifunctional protein, CAD, are increased 6-12-fold in these resistant clones compared with parental cells [3].

Other interactions of Rep4

  • To identify the inhibitor, we tested recombinant DREP-1, which was previously identified using the Drosophila EST data base and found it also inhibited dCAD DNase [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Rep4

  • In addition, dCAD was also cleaved by these caspases, and behaved as a (p32)(2)(p20)(2) complex in gel filtration [2].
  • The data from immunotitration and immunoblotting experiments indicate that the increased enzyme activities result from the overproduction of CAD [3].


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