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Gene Review

tam  -  tamas

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 34Dc, AAC47658, BG:DS00941.6, CG8987, D-pol gamma-alpha, ...
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High impact information on tam

  • The tam mutation reduces the transcription of a repressor gene, extramacrochaetae, and causes enlargement of a proneural cluster where supernumerary precursor cells emerge, resulting in extra mechanosensory organs in the fly [1].
  • In this study, we report the isolation and analysis of the tamou (tam) gene that encodes a cell-cell junction-associated protein, which is homologous to mammalian ZO-1, a member of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase homolog family [1].
  • Both subunits have been cloned and characterized in a variety of model systems, and genetic mutants of the catalytic subunit were first identified in Drosophila, as chemically induced mutations that disrupt larval behavior (tamas) [2].
  • DNA polymerase gamma, Pol gamma, is the key replicative enzyme in animal mitochondria [2].
  • The DNA polymerase is inhibited by 200 mM NaCl and is unable to use poly(rA)/oligo(dT) as a template, thus differentiating it from DNA polymerase gamma [3].

Biological context of tam


Anatomical context of tam

  • The polypeptide is properly targeted to mitochondria, yet the large excess of pol gamma-alpha does not interfere with mtDNA replication under these conditions where the endogenous polypeptide is apparently present in amounts that exceed of the demand for its function in the cell [5].

Other interactions of tam


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of tam

  • In striking contrast, overexpression of pol gamma-alpha at the same level in transgenic flies interferes with the mtDNA replication process, presumably by altering the mechanism of DNA synthesis, suggesting differential requirements for, and/or regulation of, mtDNA replication in Drosophila cell culture versus the developing organism [5].


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