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Gene Review

mib1  -  mindbomb E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase mib1, Protein mind bomb, SO:0000704, cg5841, chunp6889, ...
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Disease relevance of mib

  • Furthermore, multi-cilia cell hyperplasia was observed in mind bomb mutants and Mind bomb was shown to interact with Jagged2a and facilitate its internalization [1].

High impact information on mib

  • Delta is directly ubiquitinated by Drosophila and Xenopus Neuralized, and by zebrafish Mind bomb, two unrelated RING-type E3 ubiquitin ligases with common abilities to promote Delta endocytosis and signaling activity [2].
  • Recent findings indicate that, paradoxically, endocytosis of a membrane-spanning ligand may up-regulate receptor activity: the zebrafish E3 ligase Mind bomb promotes the endocytosis of Delta and is required for efficient activation of Notch [3].
  • Furthermore, by functional analysis of three conserved regions of Mind bomb, we show that the N-terminal half is required for Delta association, the ankyrin repeats are important for Delta internalization, and the ring fingers are required for Delta ubiquitination [4].
  • In mind bomb (mib) mutants, in which delta-mediated notch signalling is defective [Dev. Cell 4 (2003) 67], ptf1a is normally expressed [5].
  • We crossed mind bomb (mib) fish with this line to visualize their neurogenic phenotype in live mib(-/-) mutant embryos [6].

Biological context of mib


Anatomical context of mib

  • Hindbrain branchiomotor neurons (BMNs) are reduced in number but not missing in mib mutants [7].
  • Failure of lateral inhibition mediated by Notch signaling is associated with an overproduction of ear hair cells in the zebrafish mind bomb (mib) and deltaA mutants (Development 125 (1998a) 4637; Development 126 (1999) 5669), suggesting a similar role for these genes in limiting the number of hair cells in the zebrafish ear [8].

Regulatory relationships of mib

  • Thus, the three functionally distinct modules of Mind bomb work cooperatively to regulate Notch signaling by associating with, ubiquitinating, and internalizing Delta [4].

Other interactions of mib

  • Cell transplantation studies suggest that mib function is essential in the signaling cell for efficient activation of Notch in neighboring cells [9].
  • Driving wnt1 expression using a heat-shock construct partially rescues metameric patterning in mib mutants [10].


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