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Gene Review

wnt1  -  wingless-type MMTV integration site family...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Protein Wnt-1, SO:0000704, WNT-1, int-1, sb:eu647, ...
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High impact information on wnt1

  • In situ hybridizations demonstrate that antibody injection causes downregulation of pax[b] transcripts in the posterior midbrain and alteration of wnt-1 and eng-2 expression in this area [1].
  • Comparison with its mouse homologue reveals that both the genomic organization of wnt-1 and the amino acid sequence of the corresponding gene product have been extensively conserved during vertebrate evolution [2].
  • Thus, the pattern of wnt-1 expression in the developing central nervous system of zebrafish is virtually identical to that seen in mouse embryos [2].
  • Transient misexpression of Lmx1b.1 or Lmx1b.2 during early MMR development induces ectopic wnt1 and fgf8 expression in the MMR, as well as throughout much of the embryo [3].
  • Ectopic boundary marker expression also occurs following knockdown of rfng, a modulator of Notch signalling required for wnt1 expression at hindbrain boundaries [4].

Biological context of wnt1

  • We show that the boundary and roof plate expression of wnt1 each contribute to upregulation of proneural and delta gene expression and neurogenesis in non-boundary regions, which in turn blocks ectopic boundary marker expression [4].
  • Molecular organisation of the tectum and tegmentum is disturbed, however, since eng, wnt1 and pax-b marker gene expression is not maintained [5].
  • Using a double-label analysis, we compare the expression patterns of wnt1 RNA and pax2 protein during zebrafish embryogenesis to determine whether they were expressed in identical or overlapping patterns in individual embryos [6].

Anatomical context of wnt1


Associations of wnt1 with chemical compounds

  • Exogenous retinoic acid, a teratogen that is known to affect the formation of the midbrain-hindbrain boundary, has a profound affect on both wnt1 and pax2 expression at gastrulation [6].
  • The loss of anterior neural tissue in mbl and lithium-treated embryos is preceded by posteriorization of presumptive anterior neuroectoderm during gastrulation, which is evident from the anterior shift of marker genes Otx2 and Wnt1 [8].

Other interactions of wnt1

  • How the positional information is translated into activation of Pax2, Wnt1 and Fgf8 expression during MHB establishment remains unclear [9].
  • Driving wnt1 expression using a heat-shock construct partially rescues metameric patterning in mib mutants [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of wnt1


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