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Gene Review

CPE  -  carboxypeptidase E

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of CPE

  • Body weight gain, efficiency of dietary CP accretion (CPE), feed intake, and feed conversion ratio were ascertained from 26 to 33 d and from 34 to 47 d of age [1].

High impact information on CPE

  • The isolates neither caused mortality in the inoculated chickens nor produced CPE in cell cultures, indicating low pathogenicity [2].
  • The results demonstrated that the reassortants did not produce CPE on MDCK cells in the absence of trypsin, showed egg-adaptation phenotype and stability of HA and NA during consecutive egg passages, and were not lethal to chickens and mice [3].
  • 1. Viral growth kinetics and yields are similar in A. albo cells at 28 degress C and in vertebrate cells at 37 degrees C. A. albo exhibit no CPE and yield persistenetly infected cultures [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CPE

  • The two strains of IBV were adapted after 20 serial passages to induce CPE in 24 hours in chickens embryos kidney cells (CEKC) [5].
  • Although both viruses produced typical CPE, higher levels of infectious progeny and more extensive virus-specific immunofluorescence were obtained for HVT than for the serotype 1 virus [6].


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