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Gene Review

VAChT  -  CG32848 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG12345, CG32848, CT41182, Dmel\CG32848, VACHT, ...
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High impact information on VAChT

  • The requirement for acetylcholine signaling exists before photoreceptor neurons form synaptic connections and does not require the function of vesicular acetylcholine transporter protein [1].
  • RNase protection analysis indicates that all Drosophila VAChT specific transcripts contain the shared first exon and suggests common transcriptional control for ChAT and VAChT [2].
  • These features of the VAChT 5'-UTR region suggest that a ribosome scanning model may not be used for VAChT translation initiation [2].
  • We identify two mRNA splice variants (DVMAT-A and B) that differ at their C-terminus, the domain responsible for endocytosis of mammalian VMAT and VAChT [3].

Anatomical context of VAChT


Other interactions of VAChT

  • Both genes share a common first exon and the remainder of the VAChT gene contains a single coding exon residing entirely within the first intron of ChAT [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VAChT

  • Complementation tests with a Cha mutant allele and rescue experiments using a transgenic Vacht minigene have revealed that two of these three mutations are nonconditional lethal alleles of Vacht (Vacht(1) and Vacht(2) ) [5].


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