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Gene Review

Axn  -  Axin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 0442/30, APC, Axis inhibition protein, CG7926, D-Axin, ...
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High impact information on Axn


Biological context of Axn


Anatomical context of Axn


Associations of Axn with chemical compounds

  • In a yeast two-hybrid screen using the Drosophila Axin protein as a bait, we have identified a Drosophila homolog of CAP, a component of the glucose transport regulatory complex [6].

Physical interactions of Axn

  • It may permit the subsequent inactivation of the Axin complex by Wingless signaling [3].

Enzymatic interactions of Axn

  • In the absence of Wnt ligand, beta-catenin is phosphorylated by the Axin complex, which earmarks it for rapid degradation by the ubiquitin system [3].

Other interactions of Axn

  • Our results provide evidence for a function of Axin in the regulation of Armadillo that is different from its role as a scaffold for GSK3beta [7].
  • We propose that Arrow (LRP) recruits Axin to the membrane, and that this interaction leads to Axin degradation [8].


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