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Gene Review

MHC-G  -  major histocompatibility complex, class I, G

Pan troglodytes

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High impact information on MHC-G

  • It is possible that the MHC-F protein could be involved, together with MHC-G and MHC-E, in the natural killer (NK) cell activity regulation, although rhesus macaque does not express MHC-G and MHC-E orthologues [1].
  • Finally, phylogenetic relationships among the six MHC-G alleles, tamarins G-"like" alleles, and other human class I genes (both "classical" and "nonclassic") are discussed [2].
  • Six different ape MHC-G DNA sequences (four in humans: HLA-G*01011, HLA-G*II, HLA-G*0103, and HLA-G*IV; one in chimpanzees: Patr-G*I; and one in gorillas: Gogo-G*1) have been obtained [2].
  • The earlier New World monkeys (South America) had relatively more alleles and the polymorphism was placed in the T-cell receptor (TcR), NK receptors and antigen binding sites; MHC-G probably works as a classical class I presenting molecule in these monkeys [3].


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